Litter “V”

Litter “V”

June 9, 2020 in the kennel “Bene Vertat” were born spanish mastiff puppies.

There are 6 puppies in litter: 4 boys and 2 girls. All puppies are active and very large!

All puppies have found their owners.

This is long-awaited litter! The parents are the Interchampions!

Top connection of two big and healthy Spanish Mastiff with great movements and character!

♂ Viking Bene Vertat

Male, turquoise ribbon.
St. Petersburg, Russia

♂ Venceslas Bene Vertat

Male, orange ribbon.
Irkutsk, Russia

♂ Vel Bene Vertat

Male, blue ribbon.
Moscow, Russia

♂ Vilfredo Bene Vertat

Male, violet ribbon.
Samara, Russia

♀ Vizira Bene Vertat

Female, red ribbon.

♀ Vera Bene Vertat

Female, green ribbon.
Blagoveshchensk, Russia

All puppies from our kennel are sold with FCI Pedigree and contract of purchase. The puppies leave from us after all vaccination. We are always very happy to hear news about our puppies and dogs and see photos.

Owner: Julia Guseva
tel.: +7 (926) 555-17-19 (WhatsApp, Viber); e-mail:
Russia, Moscow region

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