“Eurasia-1-2-2017” and “RKF President’s Cup”

17-19.03.2017 International Dog-Shows “Eurasia-1-2-2017” and “RKF President’s Cup” (3хCACIB-FCI), Moscow (Russia).

Bene Vertat Archibald – very promissing, 1st place, Best Baby!
Bene Vertat Alvares – very promissing-2

Bene Vertat Astin Apache Alvaro – very promissing-1, 1st place, CW, Best Baby!!!!
Bene Vertat Alvares – very promissing-2
Bene Vertat Alba Amada Minerva – very promissing-2

Bene Vertat Archibald – very promissing-1, CW, 1st place, Best Baby!!!
Bene Vertat Alba Amada Menerva – very promissing-1, CW,  1st place.

Thanks to owners and handlers!


National Dog-show (all breeds), Saratov (Russia).

5th March 2017 National Dog-show (all breeds), Saratov (Russia)

Bene Vertat Astin Apache Alvaro – Best Baby, BIS Baby-IV

Congrats to owners!


The first dog-shows of our puppies

12 February 2017

Bene Vertat Astin Apache Alvaro – National Dog-show (all breeds) in Saratov (Russia) – Best Baby of Breed and Best in Show Baby-I!!!

Bene Vertat Archibald – Spanish Mastiff Speciality – Best Baby of Breed!!!

Big thanks to owners!


New photos of our babies!

Our puppies are growing up and bring happiness to the hosts by their behaviour, character and of course by beauty! We are so lucky to have such owners and are very happy! They share photos and apply much efforts, attention and time to grow up their «elephants»!

Some photos. Age from 2,5 to 3 months.

Many thanks, my dears!!!!

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All puppies are reserved

All puppies from our litter “A” have found their owners. Very  soon they will go to their new families!


Available boy from our litter “A”

щенки испанского мастифа

BENE VERTAT ARNON – broad, bony, with very interesting red and white color. He will grow very big and strong. He is very active and nimble boy “with character”, but at the same time he is very gentle and affectionate. This puppy has excellent movement and show charisma. Suitable for any level of the dog-shows and breeding, and also as a companion, as a security guard and as a favorite of the whole family.
We can deliver this puppy to any region.


Puppies are 1 month old

12.11.2016 – our puppies are 1 month old! More info on page “Puppies“!

Щенкам 1 месяц


Anton Zatsepin and Escocés in the famous magazine!

Our Escocés again in the spotlight! The famous actor, dancer and singer Anton Zatsepin chose our “baby” for his interview to the “Friend” magazine (November 2016).

Thanks a lot!!! I’m happy!!!

Интервью Антона Зацепина


Our beloved mastiffs became the stars!

On the pages of the “Friend” magazine in May 2016 you will see our beloved Escoces and Sultana.

I clearly remember, how in my childhood I’m waiting for a new issue of this magazine with a big trembling. In this magazine I could admire the different breeds, to see new information about zooworld and just enjoy reading my favorite magazine.

I couldn’t even imagine that it will take time, years and my dog can decorate the cover of this wonderful magazine. Dreams Come True!!!

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Spanish mastiff puppies in kennel!

On 12th October 2016 were born 9 exclusive spanish mastiff puppies – 5 boys & 4 girls! This is the first litter in Russia and Europe from imported and titled parents! More info, photos and videos of our babies You can see here

Щенки Скочи и СултаныЩенки Скочи и Султаны