Anton Zatsepin and Escocés in the famous magazine!

Our Escocés again in the spotlight! The famous actor, dancer and singer Anton Zatsepin chose our “baby” for his interview to the “Friend” magazine (November 2016).

Thanks a lot!!! I’m happy!!!

Интервью Антона Зацепина


Our beloved mastiffs became the stars!

On the pages of the “Friend” magazine in May 2016 you will see our beloved Escoces and Sultana.

I clearly remember, how in my childhood I’m waiting for a new issue of this magazine with a big trembling. In this magazine I could admire the different breeds, to see new information about zooworld and just enjoy reading my favorite magazine.

I couldn’t even imagine that it will take time, years and my dog can decorate the cover of this wonderful magazine. Dreams Come True!!!

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Spanish mastiff puppies in kennel!

On 12th October 2016 were born 9 exclusive spanish mastiff puppies – 5 boys & 4 girls! This is the first litter in Russia and Europe from imported and titled parents! More info, photos and videos of our babies You can see here

Щенки Скочи и СултаныЩенки Скочи и Султаны


The photo shoot with Anton Zatsepin

Our Escocés again in the spotlight! At the end of summer has passed the photo shoot of our Escocés with Anton Zatsepin for his interview in a famous Russian edition. Anton Zatsepin – a popular singer, songwriter, author and performer of many famous songs.


Spanish mastiff puppies

We have great news!
At the end of October we are expecting puppies from ours Escoces de Arasanz and Sultana Tornado Erben.

Spanish Mastiff Speciality (Moscow, Russia)

Judge – Avi Marshak.

Our beloved Escoces de Arasanz (19 moths old) has a perfect results in Champion class – Excellent-1, Club Champion Candidate.


Our beloved mastiffs on the pages of the “Friend” magazine

I think that this magazine is known by everyone from early childhood. When I was little girl I loved very much to leaf through this magazine, to see different breeds, dof shows information and just to read the wonderful article. And… to dream about a dog. Of course, at that time I didn’t think about the Spanish mastiff… Like everyone else, I dreamed of a smaller dog, because we lived in an apartment, where this giant is simply no place. I think that any dog lover can find anywhere on the shelf this legendary magazine.

You can find our Escoces and Sultana on the pages of this magazine in May, 2016!!!

Many thanks to Igor Perfilyev for these nice photos


The photo shoot of our mastiffs

The photo shoot has passed for a major edition about the dogs. Photographer – Igor Perfil’ev. Photo report will be published a little later.
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