Spanish mastiff speciality

On August 25 in Moscow was special show of Spanish Mastiff, judge Dmitrij Prozorov. Our kennel Bene Vertat was represented by 3 Spanish Mastiff:
Luna del Picu Moru – junior class – CW, Best Junior, Junior Club Winner and Best of Breed!!!

Atila del Picu Moru – junior class – CW, Junior Class Winner and BOS!!! Atila finished title Junior National Club Champion!!!

Bene Vertat AlvaresCW, National Club Winner, Best Male!!! Venya is already National Club Champion, but show give him and his owner Irina great fun!!

Many thanks to the owners for a well-grown “baby” and a great company at the exhibition!! Thanks a lot to the judge for the excellent judging and very high marks for our dogs! I’m happy!!!


Dog Shows in Alexandrov

On the 11th of June our Spanish mastiffs participated at the Dog Show in  Alexandrov. Our kennel was represented by four dogs. At last, I found some time and decided to talk about our successes.

There were two very professionally organized shows and fortunately the weather was fine. We had a great time, ate delicious meat and exhibited our pets. Big thanks to our friend Yuriy for delicious meat and wonderful leisure.

Now our excellent results.

National all-breed Dog Show “Alexandrova Sloboda”, judge Natalya Leonova.

Bene Vertat Archibald (Escoces de Arasanz x Sultana Tornado Erben) – 18 months – intermediate class – excellent-1, CW, САС, Champion of RKF, Champion of Federation, Best Male! Archey finished title Champion of Russia! And he became Champion of RKF for the 3rd time!! His height 91 cm!

Atila del Picu Moru – 12 months – junior class – excellent-1, CW, JСАС, Best Junior of Breed, Best of Breed! Atila finished title Junior Champion of Russia!!!

Luna del Picu Moru – 12 months – junior class – excellent-1, CW, JСАС, BOS.

Nashmia de Funegra – 17 months – intermediate class – excellent-1, CW, САС, Champion of Federation, Champion of RKF, Best Female! Nusha finished title Champion of Russia and became Champion of RKF!!!

National all-breed Dog Show “Alpha-Dog”, judge Yana Gavrilova.

Bene Vertat Archibald (Escoces de Arasanz x Sultana Tornado Erben) – 18 months – intermediate class – excellent-1, CW, САС, Champion of Federation, Best Male, Best of Breed!

Luna del Picu Moru – 12 months – junior class – excellent-1, CW, JСАС, Best Junior of Breed!

Nashmia de Funegra – 17 months – intermediate class – excellent-1, CW, САС, Champion of Federation, Best Female, BOS!

It is very difficult for judge to make a decision who is the first. Because they need to estimate who is the best among the children. Of course, they want to give the first place to every child. That is why the victory in this competition is the most exciting for me. DASHA, my congratulations for you. You are the best! It is very difficult to manage this small “elephant” , although, the dog is only 12 months. WELL DONE!

Atila and Dasha Barsuk (9 y.o.) – 1st place.
Atila and Dasha Barsuk (9 y.o.) – 2nd place.

The competition of DOG’s couples: ATILA x LUNA – 3rd place – it was their debut in a couple.Well done! Very good result!

Thanks to judges for very professional expertise and good mood! Thanks our dogs’ owners for the good relation to the dogs! I am very happy!


Atila is the Junior Club Winner!

Great weekend!! 07.04 our third show! Special show of Spanish mastiff in Moscow. In the catalogue 16 dogs! A very strict judge – Luis Catalan! Thanks a lot to him for excellent show!

Atila del Picu Moruexcellent-1, CW, Best Junior and Junior Winner club of Spanish Mastiff!!! Atila is only 10 months!

I am very happy!!!

And in this day Atila received his first JCAC! Judge – Mariano Di Chicco!!! Thank you!!!


Excellent weekend for our kennel Bene Vertat!

1. Bene Vertat Alvares (Escoces de Arasanz x Sultana Tornado Erben) – excellent 1 x 4, 2xCAC, 2 x CW! He is only 16 months old! He already became Champion of National Club Mastin Espanol! Congratulations a lot the owner!!!

2. Atila del Picu Moru – puppy class – very promising 1, CW, best puppy!

3. Bene Vertat Alba Amada Minerva (Escoces de Arasanz x Sultana Tornado Erben) – excelent 2 х 3! Great results!!! Congratulations a lot the owner!!!


Атила – Лучший Щенок Породы!

Atila del Picu Moru, only 6.5 months. December 30, 2017 was training on the show! Best puppy and very good description. Judge – Rui Oliveira.

Thanks a lot!!


Our trip to the Czech Republic and Germany

In November we had unforgettable trip to the Czech Republic and Germany! We have united holidays and show days!
Our spanish mastiffs have shown excellent results and became Junior Champions of the Czech Republic, Junior Germany Winners, Champions of the Czech Republic and Germany Winners!!! Puppy from our kennel became Best Puppy of Breed on World Dog Show-2017. It was a debut of our baby and she was the first time in the ring. The junior from our kennel Bene Vertat Alvares became Vice Junior World Winner in great competition!!! I’m very pleased by results of our kennel “Bene Vertat”!

November 4, 2017 International Dog Show CACIB-FCI in Prague (Czech Republic).

Bene Vertat Alvares (Escoces de Arasanz x Sultana Tornado Erben) – excellent-1, CW, Best Junior Male, Junior Champion of the Czech Republic!!!

Sultana Tornado Erbenexcellent-1, CW, CACIB, Champion of the Czech Republic!!!

Escoces de Arasanzexcellent-1, CW, Best Male, Best of Breed, Champion of the Czech Republic!!!

November 5, 2017 International Dog Show CACIB-FCI in Prague (Czech Republic).

Bene Vertat Alvares (Escoces de Arasanz x Sultana Tornado Erben) – excellent-2, Res.CW, Res. CAC.

Sultana Tornado Erben – excellent-1, CW, Res. CACIB.

Escoces de Arasanz – excellent, Res. CAC.

November 8, 2017 International Dog Show CACIB-FCI in Leipzig (Germany).

Bene Vertat Alvares (Escoces de Arasanz x Sultana Tornado Erben) – excellent-1, CW, Best Junior of Breed, Junior Germany Winner!!!

Sultana Tornado Erben – excellent-1, CW, Best Female, CACIB, Germany Winner!!!

Escoces de Arasanz – excellent, Res.CACIB, Vice Germany Winner!!!

November 12, 2017 World Dog Show-2017 in Leipzig (Germany).

Our offspring Bene Vertat Alvares (Escoces de Arasanz x Sultana Tornado Erben) became Vice Junior World Winner!!! I’m very happy and proud for him and his owners Irina and Roman! Well done!

The most young offspring of our kennel Bene Vertat Bariva (Escoces de Arasanz x Delia Rosso Kardelani), who lives in Germany, became Best Puppy of Breed on WDS-2017 and Germany Hope!!! I’m very happy!

Sultana Tornado Erben in great competition have got her “excellent” and won 3rd place!

Escoces de Arasanz – excellent-3.

And here some others photos from our trip:


September’s dog shows

September 7, 2017 National all breed Dog Show. Judge Piotr Krol.

Our kennel was represented by two dogs.

Bene Vertat Archibald (junior class) got super description from the judge and caused admiration of his temperament and size! He won first place and became Best Junior of Breed.

What about Sutana Tornado Erben, the judge was very pleased to see in his ring such beautiful lady with excellent temperament and anatomy! She won first place and became Best of Breed.

Big thanks for the wonderful mood and excellent judgering!!! Many thanks to the owners of Archie (Borsuk Alexander and Borsuk Svetlana) for our junior and for great company!!!

September 17, 2017 National all breed Dog Show.

Congratulations to our offspring Bene Vertat Archibald and to his owners!!! He finished title Junior Champion of Russia in such young age! Archie won first place and became Best Junior of Breed, Best of Breed on this Dog Show! He is only 11 months old! Good luck, “baby”!!!


Spanish mastiff speciality, Moscow (Russia)

August 26, 2017 Spanish mastiff speciality, Moscow (Russia)

Our beloved Escoces de Arasanz have shown super results!!! The judge I. Shvets is an excellent anatomist and it’s very pleasant to get such results!

Escoces de Arasanz – Champion class – excellent-1, Class Winner, Club Winner, BOS!

Escoces fulfilled all the requirements for the title of Champion of the National Club Spanish Mastiff! I’m happy!!!

Big thanks to Alena Egorova for the Escoces’ handling!


Spanish mastiff speciality, Obninsk (Russia)

August 20, 2017 – Spanish mastiff speciality, Obninsk (Russia)

The graduate of our kennel Bene Vertat Alvares and his mum Sultana Tornado Erben have shown brilliant results!

Alvares became Junior Club Winner and fulfilled all requirements for the finishing the title of Junior National Breed Club Champion.

Big congratulations to the owner Irina Yangirova!!! Our baby is only 10 months old, but he has already become a true Champion !!!

Sultana Tornado Erben received an excellent description, excellent, СС.


Spanish mastiff speciality (“Club Champion” rank)

8th April 2017 Spanish mastiff speciality (“Club Champion” rank) which took place in Moscow (Sokolniki park). Judge – Rafael Malo Alcrudo (Spain).

Our puppies have shown excellent results! We are very proud of our puppies. Thanks to the owners of our babies!

Bene Vertat Alvares – very promissing, CW, Best Baby Male. Great description!!!

Bene Vertat Archibald – very promissing, Res.CW. Great description!

It was a very difficult choice for the judge, because all the babies are of high class level.

Their mother Sultana is a little let down. She has not yet recovered after childbirth. And she has a little bit fat ass and her coat is not in best condition. These shortcomings were acknowledged by the judge. She has only 2nd place. But Sultana stepped into the ring to support her puppies. She will have her previous shape soon, I believe.

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