Our beloved mastiffs became the stars!

On the pages of the “Friend” magazine in May 2016 you will see our beloved Escoces and Sultana.

I clearly remember, how in my childhood I’m waiting for a new issue of this magazine with a big trembling. In this magazine I could admire the different breeds, to see new information about zooworld and just enjoy reading my favorite magazine.

I couldn’t even imagine that it will take time, years and my dog can decorate the cover of this wonderful magazine. Dreams Come True!!!

My dog is not only graced the legendary magazine, but also “lit up” in an the article about a Spanish mastiffs. Article only slightly transmits their character, nobility, character and essence. We can talk a lot about this breed, but the only personal acquaintance with these giants will give you the opportunity to understand – who is the Spanish Mastiff.
In this issue you can also read an interview and a little closer to get acquainted with my most favorite pets and me.

I wish everyone to make the right choice and find exactly your breed!

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