♀ Nashmia de Funegra

Import: Spain
d.o.b: 21.12.2016

Nashmia de FunegraNashmia de Funegra

Nashmia is a young, very promising girl. At home we call her Nyusha. When she came to us from warm Spain I asked my little son: “How are we going to call her?” And he immediately said “My Nyusha!” Our girl is a pale-yellow color, very active and loves to play. Nyusha loves children very much! There are a lot of  the best dogs from the biggest spanish kennels (such as Trashumancia and Montes del Pardo) in her pedigree. Nashimia has a sufficient amount of skins, a very beautiful head, movements and she is already excellently appreciated by many breeders of the country of origin of the breed. We expect that she will grow into a very correct Spanish mastiff, with a good skeleton and will be able to give her offspring her “golden” line.

Simba de la Ribera del Pas

Simba de la Ribera del Pas

Portos de Montes del Pardo

Pol de Reciecho

Abigal de Montes del Pardo

Savona de Montes del Pardo

Titan del Dharmapuri

Conga de Montes del Pardo

Goretty de Funegra

Goretty de Funegra

Atila de El Agostadero

Jorge de Trashumancia


Clara de Funegra

Maura de Trashumancia

Laila de Trashumancia

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